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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Ardent is looking for a new Marketing Account Manager

Ardent Marketing Ltd is seeking a part-time flexible/freelance Marketing Account Manager to help manage a number of new and exciting projects between now and Spring 2010.

The work will involve liaising with at least two clients as their day-to-day contact; helping to translate their requirements into clear objectives and draft convincing marketing project plans that you would implement to high standards and on schedule. These plans would typically include email, web, social media, data sourcing and info-gathering, public relations, and collateral design & production (print and digital).

Ardent is a small full-service marketing agency and consultancy providing the scholarly information industry with services such as strategic planning, brand communications, and campaign management. Working with large and small publishers, we help them to:

  1. Identify new market opportunities;
  2. Position and brand online products;
  3. Increase demand, loyalty and usage;
  4. Build awareness & raise profile.
We are looking for someone who:

  • has two years’ experience working in marketing within the publishing industry, and can demonstrate a broad understanding of the industry trends;
  • is an excellent copywriter with a love of communication through words and language, and has meticulous attention to detail;
  • has creative flair and the ability to brief and lead online and offline design projects;
  • possesses a keen eye for organisation both in terms of project management as well as in laying out reports and proposals;
  • has some brand-building knowledge and experience of working with creatives;
  • actively participates in social media and understands the concept of customer acquisition-conversion-retention through digital marketing.
The post would be part-time and flexible and the successful candidate could work from their own home or in our London offices in Primrose Hill. We would like someone to start as soon as possible in an initially flexible/freelance arrangement with the possibility of becoming a more permanent member of our growing business in the future.

Please see for information about the company and send enquiries and applications to Account Director Natasha White at

The job description is also downloadable as a PDF (or type Account Manager Job Desc.pdf).

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Raps said...

Creative flair, surely, Ginny? tsk ;o)