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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Natasha White joins Ginny Hendricks at Ardent

I'm delighted to announce the addition of Natasha White to the management team of Ardent Marketing. As Account Director, Natasha brings over ten years' experience in marketing electronic scholarly resources, serving six of those as Sales & Marketing Director of BioMed Central where she played a significant part in establishing Open Access publishing as a profitable business model.

Natasha will focus on business development for Ardent and on running digital campaigns that drive awareness, demand & usage for small/medium-sized publishers.

Natasha can be reached at and on 0845 1300 284.

We will be present at the SLA conference in Washington DC in June - please let us know if you wish to meet.

With best wishes,

Skype: ardent-marketing
Twitter: @ArdentGin
Phone: +44 (0)207 5868019

Monday, 4 May 2009

You Can Call Me Al

Couldn't agree more with Kent Anderson on the elusive 'al' at the end of words:

Now, I know when it counts. I know that “historic” is different from “historical” and “classic” is different from “classical.” I get that. But I recently saw a children’s book on a store shelf that promised a gallery of “mythologic creatures.” Oddly, it hurt my ears even to read it silently to myself in the bookstore because “mythologic” is so jarringly, teeth-grindingly inelegant. It should be “mythological.” The human mouth prefers to end words in neutral positions. It’s just a physiological reality. Speaking of that — hey, you medical editors, why is it suddenly “physiologic” instead of “physiological”? Since when is it “pharmacologic” instead of “pharmacological”?Kent Anderson, The Scholarly Kitchen, May 2009

I first noticed this living in The Netherlands working for a certain scholarly publisher. The number of times I heard a Dutch person say "it is not logic" and I shouted back "AL! LogiCAL!"... I wouldn't mind as much if they didn't have such a superior view of their own grasp of the English language. It drove me so insane I had to move to London.