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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Googlegangers And Other Animals

Just came across this list of newly-coined terms from agency Cramer-Krasselt via MarketingProfs.

  1. Luxcession: v. - As the economy continues to hit consumers' wallets affecting their purchasing choices, many mass-class luxury items are also taking a hit.
  2. Dotcomrade: n. - A friend or acquaintance that you met online but have never met in person.
  3. Greenwashing: n. - The practice of bogus environmental marketing.
  4. Info Snacking: v. - Wasting time at work by surfing the Web.
  5. Blacking Out: v. - To turn off any device that people can reach you with (cell phone, two-way, computer, home phone, morse code, etc.) in order to avoid someone.
  6. Compunicate: v. - To chat with someone when you are in the same room, each on separate computers, and you talk via Instant Messenger instead of speaking to them out loud, in person.
  7. Defriend: v. - To remove somebody from your established list of contacts, considered the ultimate snub on social network.
  8. Generica: n. - Features of the American landscape that are exactly the same no matter where you go such as strip malls and fast food places.
  9. Mouse Potato: n. - The online generation's answer to the couch potato.
  10. Googleganger: n. - Another individual with the same name as you whose records and/or stories are mixed in with your own when you Google yourself.
I only have one Ginny Hendricks googleganger - she's an American real estate agent. I also have a dotcomrade on Facebook called Virginia Hendricks who lives in Philadelphia and whom I've never met!

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